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My Little Conundrum
Posted on 07 Dec 2012 by Project Dark Fox

Just so we're all on the same page here, I've never died nor left the MFZ. Since my last news post I have moved, moved again, and this weekend I am about to move a third time. Things, to put it simply, have been hectic. However, I have not been inactive on the Internet.
My DeviantArt has been a serious flurry of activity during this time. It's very easy to focus on one-shots than to keep up a comic series when you're not sure where you're going to be two weeks from now. I will be needing money here, so I have opened up commissions. You can find details HERE.


Speaking of the comic series, I have been mulling it over, and I've been thinking about either starting There's Something About Tails over from scratch, or killing it outright (but only the comic! The game project will continue!). There's a number of reasons, for starters it is extremely difficult to get into, and for second, the inconsistent style (while groundbreaking at the time in terms of sprite comics) was a major put off. There's also been a number of hiatuses where I've advanced in both storywriting and artistic skill, and it shows between breaks.
Until I've settled down and figured out where I need to be one month from now, the future of the TSAT comic is uncertain. My living conditions are way, way more important than the comic's status
I am also drawing a new, interactive Tumblr My Little Pony comic written by a couple close friends, Ask Imprisoned Twilight Sparkle. Don't worry, this is not an admittance that I've gone brony, I'm just trying to expand my horizons, and possibly turn into a full time artist.
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Check it out: Art by Atto (aka Damien)


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