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No TSAT for May
Posted on 30 Apr 2012 by Project Dark Fox

A few things going on that I don't wish to talk about. Not only that, I stopped working on the comic a few weeks ago to tend to said things. The buffer's run out, so I apologize.
But hey! At least you get some warning! See you all in June.

EDIT: DeviantArt is being a bitch, so I'll tell you what's going on. Read the full story.


Just learned my roommate is going to be moving away. (No, I'm not why, Limon's why. He's moving back to Michigan. Limon's a shithole, I long for a return to Alabama myself, so I don't blame him...) We generally relied on each other to pay the bills so that is ... uh, not good for me. He says he can get out in about three weeks. That means I need to find a new place to live in before he does go.
I have a few ideas, I've called my brother :devlemian: to work something out. We'll be house-browsing tomorrow or the next.

Until then, cue the "too stressed out to draw anything with focus" bullshit again. And that is why TSAT won't be updated this month.

Just when I thought I had my feet on the ground, eh? Seriously, people need to stop pulling the rug out from under me, it's getting tiring. >:I
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