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Speaking of Minecraft...
Posted on 25 Sep 2010 by Project Dark Fox

Well, after having made a little money from some ebay sales and prior commissions, I figured spending approximately a meager 13 USD was worth the Minecraft in-development Alpha for all of the extra options. It's more than just building your own voxel models. ;)

Pictured below in my own little example, which I had mined out all of the resources to get everything from all of the cobblestone and wood, I downloaded and installed a custom texture pack which helps enhance the appearance of the game slightly.

And here's my skin in-game.

Way more to it than building (though that is the big draw). There's a lot of combat, mining, and even aboveground OR underground exploration in the game. Give Notch his 10 Euros and give Minecraft a spin. You won't be disappointed.

No word yet on any TSAT updates in the future. But it is not dead, I assure you that.

Minecraft! Also, new Insonicnia
Posted on 23 Sep 2010 by Kajin

The first eight panel comic in a while. I hate making eight-panels, but there was no way I could cram it into six >.>

So yeah, I finally got around to trying minecraft

For those who haven't played, its like playing with giant legos, only monsters are tying to explode in your face, and you have to mine all your resources from the earth. I finally struck diamond on my file, while Atto is currently living in a giant dick shaped fortress made of wood, towering above the clouds.

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New Insonicnia!
Posted on 20 Sep 2010 by Kajin

Eggman's whereabouts: part I of II

Also, this:

Atto (aka Damien) and I will be there, 10/30/10, and we hope you will too. Maybe we'll make a contest out of it; like if you find us, you win a commission or a speaking line in the next Insonicnia X00 or something.

Posted on 19 Sep 2010 by AttoSama

Thanks for the donations, I hope you ladies and gents liked your sketches :)

I've started my Junior year of college and am pretty busy again; but fear not I intend to continue working on SA3. Although updates may be monthly, unless I find a lot of spare time :P

I like to continue doing sketches for anyone who donates to the site.
If you want me to do a sketch of your character or a full colored piece, you can send me a note on my DA. The current pic of the month is an example of one of my commissions.

New Advanced
Posted on 17 Sep 2010 by Kajin

Sonic meets his rival...

Also, as of now, all 3 animated Insonicnias are now flash-i-fied. Death to shockwave!

You guys fucking rock!
Posted on 16 Sep 2010 by Kajin

Thanks to a sixty dollar donation, we will officially make our hosting payments this month! Thank you to everyone who helped us reach $120 in only ten days! To the mad Brit who dropped sixty USD on us (which I believe converts to about 10 Galleons) - you will be getting two sketches, as well as something extra later on (as soon as I can find a free second to drive out to Atto's dorm).

To everyone else, as promised, we've got some concept art coming your way. I honestly didn't think we'd reach 120 when I promised that; it will be a pain in the ass to scan.
Still, a deal's a deal.

Also, there should a new new Insonicnia Advanced up later today.

New Insonicnia
Posted on 13 Sep 2010 by Kajin

The first move has been made...

On a side note, we're officially half way to covering our hosting costs. We need to get payment in by the 20th, so any and all donations are appreciated

I am also currently working on encoding all three animated issues to our Blip.tv channel. Specifically since shockwave doesn't run on linux, and its a bit cpu heavy for users with older machines.

We've got issue 100 online, along with an HQ version for anyone bugged by the compression. More to follow...

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New Advanced
Posted on 12 Sep 2010 by Kajin

Tails discovers the best thing about Sonic 3.

Also, I don't know if this will become a regular feature, but I randomly stumbled across this app in the android marketplace, and decided it deserved more attention.
It's called "FxCamera", and it allows you to add artsy filters to your photos as you take them. Most of them are pretty meh, but there was one called "Toy Camera" which magically makes everything look fucking awesome, no matter how mundane the picture. Here are some I took with it when I was at a corn maze today:

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Holy shit, 50% already!?
Posted on 11 Sep 2010 by Kajin

We're really touched by the speediness of support for the site. smile
As of now, everyone who donated should have received a sketch. And as a thank you to everyone in general, here's the best advice you will ever receive from another human being:

See Dark City.

I know what you're thinking. "Wait, what? How is this a reward?". If you're thinking that, then you clearly haven't seen Dark City. It's... It's fucking Dark City.
It's a Scifi Noir (the best kind of Noir) masterpiece, and its massively underappreciated and widely unknown.
Considering it was made in the 90s, the special effects are mind blowing. It even has Jennifer Connelly, star of such films as Labyrinth, and... others, I'm sure.

If you haven't seen this movie yet: You're welcome.
If you have, my condolences to the family of poor Mr. Quick.

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New Insonicnia
Posted on 09 Sep 2010 by Kajin

Sally reveals her plan.

Also, if you scroll back one page, you'll find a bonus issue... sort of.

And thank you again for the donations so far. Its awesome to know that some of you are willing to help us out. By now, all three of you should have gotten your sketches.
And for those of you on the fence, here is a just sample of the epic win you could receive for donating:

(None of the others will ever be posted. Donors only. Nyeh!)

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Posted on 09 Sep 2010 by AttoSama

Thank you to the three of you who have donated, hope you like your gifts :)
I honestly wasn't expecting to see any donations within the first day, feels good x)

Wait, people are actually donating?!
Posted on 08 Sep 2010 by Kajin

Well damn, I didn't expect to see the meter move for a few weeks. wassat

Thank you to the two people who donated! Atto and I will be sending a small gift your way later today as our way of saying thanks.

By now you both of you should have received thank you sketches. Thank you so much! You just made it that much less of a burden to keep this place online.

Okay, so apparently the donation meter is being screwy in every browser but Firefox. Even so, Chrome 6 ftw!

Alms for the poor?
Posted on 07 Sep 2010 by Kajin

Sonic and Knuckles arrive at the hidden palace zone.

I'll have a new Insonicnia up later this week. Its been taking a while because pretty much every main character in the series is in every panel :/

So in another attempt to help us pay our hosting fee, we've put up a little donation widget in the sidebar ------->

Back in the day, this site pulled in enough traffic and ad dollars to keep it self-sustaining (IE we made more money than it cost to host). Unfortunately, three years of abandonment kind of made that traffic go away. Oops.

Hopefully, we'll be back to that point one day soon, but for now, our bill is due within the next week or so, so any and all contributions would be greatly appreciated; every little bit helps :D

It honestly bugs me to ask for donations; its awkward. But Atto (aka Damien) and I decided that if we reach 120$, he'll upload all the concept sketches from SA3 as a way of saying thanks.

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New Advanced
Posted on 01 Sep 2010 by Kajin

Sonic learns the dangers of gambling.

So it looks like Earl will make landfall with 100mph winds now. I'm writing my name on my roof right now so if anyone finds it after the storm, They'll know who's it is.

My Name Is Earl
Posted on 31 Aug 2010 by Kajin

For everyone else on the east coast looking to try and keep an eye onHurricane Earl, I've been using this site to track hurricanes for a while. It's almost obsessively thorough; it even has frame by frame infrared animations.

Though maybe if we all ignore it, it will go away. Shhh...

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