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Posted on 04 Mar 2011 by AttoSama

I am sorry for the hold up on the sketches that I promised to those of you who have donated to the site. One of my pets died last night and it really threw me and my schedule out of whack, I'll them to you before Monday.

I'll begin posting my work that I am doing in Maya as the new pics of the month soon. Truly the most useful and entirely un-user friendly program I have ever learned to use.

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New Insonicnia; progress update on 300
Posted on 27 Feb 2011 by Kajin

Round two begins, but how can Sonic and Shadow defeat such mechanical perfection?

So we've officially seen the beginnings of the first puppets. As you can probably tell from the lack of semi-super quills, the puppet in the photo is just an experiment in structure, and will most likely be used as material in creating a philosopher's stone. My girlfriend's been putting an incredible amount of effort into them, and they are promising to turn out awesome.
Puppets are not the only thing she specializes in though; she also makes badass nerdy fleece hats, which she sells on Etsy! I own the Creeper hat myself.
She actually just put the store online, and I'm sure she'd love some patronage ;D
In fact, if she sells at least one hat from this plug, I promise to post a video of puppet Shadow's first words on the main page as soon as he's done.
She'll be offering many more soon, as well as a bob-omb hat, so check back for updates, as I will be whoring her shop constantly in return for her puppety aid and continued sammich making.

Also, thank you to the two donors so far! We'll be sending you sketches just as soon as Atto catches a few free seconds, which should be fairly soon; sorry for the delay.
And like he said, you'll also get an early peek at the next page of SA3, and some of the the sketch/line work from the previous pages :)

Posted on 25 Feb 2011 by AttoSama

Opening photoshop now to work on the next page of Sonic Adventure 3.
A new semester is beginning, but this time I have one less class and my addiction to Minecraft has been resolved. That doesn't mean one new page a week... but it does means updates :)

I took a digital illustration course and an independent study on creating digital backgrounds. That's much new skill, I can't wait to try out.

This was really better for commissions previously, and I may not have the time to do artwork for others while doing SA3 during college.

So, if you donate money to MFZ... you will get a free sketch, an early peek at the next page of SA3, and the sketch/line work of previous pages :)

New Insonica; First glimpse of #300
Posted on 24 Feb 2011 by Kajin

Sonic discusses the finer points of cinema...

Also, as you probably noticed, I tacked a donation meter on the side of the site. I'll level with you, rent is due in a month and the rent is too damn high! I barely make enough at my job to cover it. Any and all donations will be rewarded with both a sketch from atto and if you donate enough, maybe also a shout out in the credits of Insonicnia 300.

Which brings me to #300. After many years, we've finally reached a new 100th issue. In lieu of animations this time however, I've decided to go a different route for the sake of fun and my own enjoyment. Issue 300 will be performed entirely with puppets.
I shit you not. Poopits.
My girlfriend (that's her hand in the pic) will be constructing the puppets, while I will be constructing the sets and providing most of the voice talent. I will need some other voices, but I'll post about that when the time comes.
So far, the voices I can do myself are: Grounder, Sonic, Shadow, and Robotnik (AoStH). At some point I'll hold auditions for Eggman, Tails, Sally, and Knux. I may also hold auditions for Scratch if I can't find Mr. OMA to do it again. He did a fucking dead on scratch.

More updates on 300 as time goes on.

Posted on 21 Feb 2011 by Kajin

Kajin finally gets to use a sprite that he's been waiting since 2002 to use in a comic.

So unpacking is finally winding down, and the new apartment is awesome. The office is the cleanest thing I can show for now, but its still cool nonetheless (the desk to the right is my gf's. She makes kickass nerdy hats)

Hopefully now that the big move is over, like a good colon, updates will be more regular again.

Posted on 17 Feb 2011 by Kajin

Sorry for the comic delay; I just finished unpacking my computer and setting it up. New issues should resume within the next day or so.

Posted on 11 Feb 2011 by Kajin

And then Sonic was all like pow pow pow, but shadow was all "RAAAAARGH" and then he shot the blast and was all "BOOoooOOM!"

So I've spent most of the week packing for the big move this valentine's day, and a lot of that packing involved both me and my girlfriend realizing that 99% of the things cluttering our shelves are things we really don't need. This includes pages and PAGES of notes from highschool, some as old as 2002. I've been recycling most of it, but I came across one thing I thought I'd share.

When I was in fifth grade, cell phones existed, but texting did not. As such, the only way to send messages in class was through the lost art or passing notes, but alas, if you were caught, your note was confiscated and read aloud.

So my friends and I came up with an idea. We wrote our messages on scraps of paper and then flashed them to each other. We'd then write a response, and flash it back. This way nothing was visibly exchanged, and if the paper was confiscated, the teacher would only have one half of a conversation and not be able to make any sense of it.

Well while I was cleaning, I found one half of such a conversation. I'm not entirely sure what the conversation was about, but I think it had to do with myself and whoever I was talking to, lying about cross-breading Pokemon we'd caught in Pokemon Gold version (which had not even come out yet, so that right there was double bullshit :p).

Here it is, in all it's nerdy glory. And just for clarification, back then, I was somehow under the impression that to "69" just meant to have sex. The thing about calling someone referred to calling a trainer via pokegear.

Maybe this is why girls ran away at the very mention of my name wink

Rereading that also makes me remember how much I'd wished (and still do) that Nintendo had added 4th stage evolutions to all the original Pokemon, rather than "baby" forms.
I'd have loved to evolve my Dragonite into whatever that giant Pokemon was in the lighthouse episode...

TSAT is dead
Posted on 10 Feb 2011 by Project Dark Fox

I haven't talked to anyone about it, because I've kind of been having absolutely AWFUL sleep the past few days (not getting to bed until 10am and waking at 6pm? There's a problem!), but I am getting ready to cancel a bunch of crap I was working on.
Commissions are now closed.
Everything There's Something About Tails is going to be cancelled. I don't get any more enjoyment out of making the comics or the game, and with the way I generally perceive things about my own work, I will not likely pass it on to someone else to work on. It's just a silly sprite comic, and while I had a fair number of people come over to my DeviantArt as a fan, some of which who wanted to know when the next issue was. That was really beginning to irritate me when I made it clear in an update months ago on the Mystical Forest Zone that it was on hiatus until I got a job that I could hold. That never happened. So, to you ungrateful little shits who demanded a new comic sometime this year, I say, "Fuck you, you're not getting anymore." (There is always a chance that I may go back to it, but don't count on it.)
I may still draw characters of TSAT/BT3235 from time to time, perhaps because I loved them as many of you did, I'm afraid it's something that was never meant to be. I must focus on something else, and that will be The Bagman Chronicles. TSAT will not pay me, nor did it give me any more enjoyment. Bagman can.

New Advanced
Posted on 08 Feb 2011 by Kajin

Rescued from the wayward year of 2005.

Also, this is awesome:

Posted on 06 Feb 2011 by AttoSama

Happy Birthday Mewtwo!

Oh wow, he's right: http://imgur.com/dOuNR

Another new Insonicnia
Posted on 05 Feb 2011 by Kajin

The fight begins, but can the Satam universe contain this many broken characters?

I wasn't kidding when I said I'd be updating more. Two new comics in a three day span. I'm aiming for a minimum of at least one per week.

Now to bully Atto into uploading a new Picture of the month...

Okay, so apparently the newest version of our update system is no longer displaying what month it is XD
I'll contact Professor Layton to see if he can solve this puzzle...

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New Insonicnia
Posted on 03 Feb 2011 by Kajin

Sonic's ADD takes matters into it's own hands.

And yes, Super Sonic eyes are blue, not red. I don't care what sega says.

So yeah, sorry about the massive update delay. I've been apartment hunting with my girlfreind and trying to finish the last few chapters in my book, so the comic took kind of a back seat (mostly because of the book). But now I have a new motivation to keep this site going. I have a rent to pay! :D



But yeah, hopefully updates will be frequent again.

Posted on 01 Jan 2011 by AttoSama

Happy New Years ^_^

New Years resolution, do Sa3mm page 20.

Sorry for the lack of updates
Posted on 29 Dec 2010 by AttoSama

Heh heh, sorry this is getting repetitive on both my DA account and this site. But it's better than falling off the face of the earth again.

My grandmother passed away during finals so I've been all over the place. I was going to work on the comic over break but I needed the time off to relax. Don't get me wrong the comic is relaxing, but I don't want use my brain :P The comic will resume in January.

Unrelated, I've done really well in my college portrait class. So well in fact, the teacher wants to continue working with me one on one. I am unbelievable stoked about this. I'll post my work on DA at a later date.

Sorry for the lack of updates
Posted on 29 Nov 2010 by Kajin

My grandma passed away and I'm helping everyone cope, as well as dealing with it myself. I haven't forgotten about you or Insonicnia, I promise :)

I plan to update again as soon as this is all past, which will hopefully be soon.
In the mean time, new pic of the month.

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