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Love the new ISN
Posted on 17 Apr 2011 by AttoSama

Glad you're finally listening Whachow Kajin!
And that analogy, is just amazing...

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RE: RE: psst
Posted on 16 Apr 2011 by Kajin

In which Kajin much start to build the inside of Robotnik's fortress.

And, Charlie Sheen now has a bucket. He uses it to collect tiger blood.

Also, I took Atto's advice and finally listened to Whachow!, and it's fucking hysterical. It's like watching Big Bird Goes to China, only instead of Big Bird going to china, he goes to japan and buys tentacle porn! wha-chow.podomatic.com. And visit fireball20xl while you're at it. Happy ending. Much honor.

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RE: psst
Posted on 16 Apr 2011 by Project Dark Fox

You can wait like everyone else, Atto. tongue

Posted on 15 Apr 2011 by AttoSama

I want another InSONICnia.

Shit is totally hitting the faaannnn
Posted on 11 Apr 2011 by AttoSama

So, I really did want to have the next page of SA3 out sometime, well last week actually. Things were manageable and I was hoping to work on SA3 during free time during this semester. But a Lucas film art competition has just appeared that is due April 29th. It can only be submitted through an institution, in my case RISD. Only five will be sent out of the entire school. Soo... I want to take a whack at this because I would be offered a chance to visit Lucas Films and win quite a sum of money.

This semester will be over early June, and I'll be able to resume the comic. I plan on working on my portfolio quite a bit, but I'll have a lot of spare time on my hands compared to the weekly twenty-one hours of class that I have now, and often more than thirty hours of homework.

New Insonicnia soonish
Posted on 11 Apr 2011 by Kajin

Sorry about the lull. I'm in the middle of a web design project for a client, and have been under the gun for the past week. In the mean time, here is a picture of my bonsai tree, Charlie Sheen:

I stole the moss from my neighbor's driveway, and the gravel is from my gf's fish tank.

Sonic Adventure 3 update
Posted on 01 Apr 2011 by AttoSama

April Fools!
But I have been working on it.
I've been taking a course on learning Zbrush and Maya, these two are 3D programs for character and object designs in video games. But they are also good reference programs. I'm using Zbrush to create a 3D model of Shadow, and I finished his head the other day. Check him out. I never again have to rely on hundreds of references to draw him from some obscure angle :)

And Maya for backgrounds. Right now I am working on creating the room that Shadow walks into in page 9. I'm working on the organic heart thing that for the life of me, could not figure out how to draw it from underneath and was the main reason for the hold up of page 10.

These two programs alone will solve a lot my perspective issues and give me an opportunity to confidently draw complicated backgrounds, and probably speed up the pace of this comic. I will try to get the next page out within the next four days.

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New Insonicnia
Posted on 24 Mar 2011 by Kajin

Robotnik's fortress has been breached, but can the freedom fighters make it in undetected? And can Kajin keep page 284 from looking awful, in the face of a lack of Atto's custom backgrounds for the interior of the fortress >.>

Sorry for the delay
Posted on 22 Mar 2011 by Kajin

I've been trying to focus a lot of my free time on a web design job that I landed, and as a result, the comic's been held up. I've still been working on it though, so expect to see an update either today or tomorrow :)

In the mean time, this should tide you over:

^Sent to me by my cousin via msn. Credit.

Posted on 16 Mar 2011 by Project Dark Fox

TSAT #188 is up.
I ran a poll on the Mystical Forest Sprites and Treadhead Forums regarding what the next step of TSAT is going to be, because the sprited efforts felt like a waste of my talents. I asked, and you answered, it seems I'm still going to keep Doom Builder 2 busy. ;)

The Fantastic Mr. Starfox
Posted on 12 Mar 2011 by Kajin


Dead comic? ... What dead comic?
Posted on 10 Mar 2011 by Project Dark Fox

The short story: I had a really bad dream, possibly alcohol-induced, not sure, with certain characters doing bad things to me. I needed to get off my duff and answer to the calls of email I got. A lot of people were sad to see the comic go. Well, I decided to pick it back up. And with a new issue, #187, to boot.
Here's what's going to happen. After this issue, it's going to be drawn, pencils and then flat colors digitally. It'll take longer per page but won't be very hard on me. Maybe then, I can do something REALLY cool.
Sorry for it all, though. I do feel kind of dumb after all that.

What'll happen to the game? I really don't know. I may have just been hired on for an hourly job at McDonald's (I will take anything I can get!) so it may get me in the mood to get back to work on it. I KNOW I'm going to win a Mordeth award (see: Cacowards) for this thing, no matter how bad this thing could be. :P

EDIT: Apologies to Kajin. He also updated today. Go check out the latest issue of InSONICnia!

EDIT2 (16 MAR 11): I am on Twitter!

New Insonicnia
Posted on 10 Mar 2011 by Kajin

The metals have lost, but can their alliance be changed?

Herpitdy derp derp
Posted on 04 Mar 2011 by Kajin

The fight is over. But what to do with the enemy...

Also, my puppetress has added a bob-omb hat to her store. It's pretty badass.

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RE: Donators
Posted on 04 Mar 2011 by Project Dark Fox

Gods, Atto, that Maya joke was horrible. :P

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