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New Comic... from 2004!!
Posted on 24 Jul 2010 by Kajin

For those of you who were hard core fans, you may remember these. Back when InSONICnia was fighting to stay in the top 10 on Top Web Comics (and gloriously pissing off every other author on there by doing so), I came up with a scheme to compel people to vote. Run another comic that could only be viewed after voting, then refuse to archive it, forcing people to frantically check back and vote to avoid missing one. This was InSONICnia Advanced.
Although it worked, the obvious problem with the system was that if you missed one, you were shit out of luck. After being hounded on the forums about this like M. Night Shaymalan at an anime convention, I half heartedly promised to one day put them all online to make everyone leave me alone laughing

Well six years after the fact, that day has come! Behold, InSONICnia Advanced in all its 16 bit glory, with updated word balloon styles along with other added effects and techniques. It's like Star Wars Special edition, only without an added scene in which Jaba the Hutt coerces Han Solo into making a 4th Indiana Jones movie.

So here are the first two. I intend to post them at least one or two times a week. Check back for updates!

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Two new pages!
Posted on 22 Jul 2010 by AttoSama

Two new Sonic Adventure 3s!

Until school begins, page updates will be in pairs wink

Possible site downtime [never mind]
Posted on 19 Jul 2010 by Kajin

Just a heads up, we're doing some maintenance and the site may go down for a bit. Don't worry, we're not going anywhere.

Ooooor not. Things went smoother than expected smile

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InSONICnia 100 and 144 are back online!
Posted on 19 Jul 2010 by Kajin

So one of the major things I've been working on fixing, were issues 100, 144, and 200. As of right now, the first two animated episodes are back up and running.

As you wil probably notice however, they are shockwave files, and... well fuck, I mean, who actually uses shockwave? Hell, not even Android runs shockwave. I'm not even sure adobe likes it.
Like, mentioning flash to Steve Jobs may get you a dirty look, but If you were to mention shockwave, he'd probably execute his old jester and hire you on as his new one. You'd then spend the rest of your days waving your dick to him as he applauded and laughed from his Lucite egg chair.

...But yeah, shockwave is buggy and takes too long to load. So right now, I'm working on converting both to flash videos and uploading them to our MFZ TV site and embedding them on their respective pages. Thanks go out to Atto for his help on that front.

And where is issue 200 you ask? It's staying offline until I FIX THE GODDAMN RED X

Execute The Duchess: Episode I
Posted on 16 Jul 2010 by Kajin

To travelers, both young and old, boresome and excited, I present you with the greatest tale ever recited. In days of yore, in France, is said, lived the greast nobel in all the land, a man, was said, both handsome and grand. The man who'd killed arch duke ferdinand, and driven the native americans from their land. And thoguh revisionists may attempt to write him away, the world would not be was it is today, if it were not for he. Lord Ban Boulie! ohohoohohohohooooo!

And so, I, Kajin, now present you with his story. The story of a possibly real historical figure, chronicled in this twelve part series: Execute The Duchess.

As you've probably noticed, we now have a blip.tv page. Feel free to subscribe to it via iTunes, Miro, or RSS in general.

And yes, as the comic section says, Insonicnia is on hold for the moment. I've been crazy busy with life in general, in between finishing the book series I've been working on since senior year, and trying to earn enough money to buy every ihop in RI (all two of them).

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Sonic Adventure 3
Posted on 15 Jul 2010 by AttoSama

So yeah, I went to Rhode Island School of Design and fell off the face of the earth for two years. Seriously, you try maintaining a website on one hour of sleep, covered in paint and shame. Kajin and I are now working hard this summer to bring the site back, so look for more changes in the weeks to come. Not so much an Act 5, but more like an Act 4.2, with more automated stuff so we can update easier. The largest an most major update is the new reimagined Sonic Adventure 3. Redone from scratch, this time in color and angst free! Here is a description of the new plot from Kajin:

Even after the events aboard the Ark, Shadow still is unsure of his true purpose. Was he created as a weapon, as a bringer of peace, or something else? About to give up his search, Shadow has lost all hope of ever discovering the truth, when the arrival of a strange machine and a mysterious informant offer frightening clues into his true purpose. As sonic and co. grow increasing closer do discovering the truth, the answers they uncover may threaten to change their lives forever.

For those of you who've been following me in my time down, SA3 has been updated my deviant art for a little while now, and if you'd like to see higher res version of the pages, you can see them here. Also, there's bacon.

First update on the new system :D
Posted on 14 Jul 2010 by Kajin

So here it is. Now it Just needs to be tweaked/beautified Special thanks to Yoshi Ryu for epically helping with the the process! Check out his site and show him some love for helping bring this place back to life! http://www.yoshyryudcc.com/ To PDF and Atto: I cached the old index so you can copy paste updates off it. IM me for your accounts and passwords.

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