The Return of Winnifred

  By Kajin


  Once upon a summer, in a moment of nostalgia, I

  decided to write A Rescue Rangers Fanfic. ...a 230+

  page fanfic. It got great reviews and won a few

  awards! Written in 2002.




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 What a Pity

  By Tsukuru


  What a pity...


           [ Fanart (none yet) ]




 Just like Life

  By Tsukuru


  Just like life,
  You take it or leave it
  Accept or Deny it
  Obey or Defy it,


           [ Fanart (none yet) ]




 Forest Wars

  By Tsukuru


  The forest, once at peace, is now separated into

  threeseparate alliances. Who will become the

  ultimate ruler?

  Read to find out.


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