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My Little Conundrum
Posted on 07 Dec 2012 by Project Dark Fox

Just so we're all on the same page here, I've never died nor left the MFZ. Since my last news post I have moved, moved again, and this weekend I am about to move a third time. Things, to put it simply, have been hectic. However, I have not been inactive on the Internet.
My DeviantArt has been a serious flurry of activity during this time. It's very easy to focus on one-shots than to keep up a comic series when you're not sure where you're going to be two weeks from now. I will be needing money here, so I have opened up commissions. You can find details HERE.

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Act 5 Progress
Posted on 25 Nov 2012 by Kajin

Sorry for my extended absence. I've been juggling planning my wedding with packing and moving. However act 5 is still in development and looking sexy.

In the mean time, I've been craigslisting most of my furniture, along with this little beauty, which some of you older fans may remember when I first got it back in 2004.

Yep, I'm selling rouge. I saw some other dude get an obscene amount of  money for it, and I need money for a uhaul, so I'm going for it. She'd be a perfect addition to your yacht! Have at her <3

Or is it...
Posted on 30 Sep 2012 by Kajin

Several of us are currently in the process of redesigning and rebuilding MFZ. It is gonig to be redeigned from the ground up, and so far, the design is very sexy.

Here's a peek at what we've got in store. We've forgone the mid 2000's-chic in favor of a simpler theme. Special thanks to Sym for all his hard work!

TSAT is again on indefinite hiatus
Posted on 22 May 2012 by Project Dark Fox

Yet another real life event has happened. So much for a return in June. See you all whenever.

No TSAT for May
Posted on 30 Apr 2012 by Project Dark Fox

A few things going on that I don't wish to talk about. Not only that, I stopped working on the comic a few weeks ago to tend to said things. The buffer's run out, so I apologize.
But hey! At least you get some warning! See you all in June.

EDIT: DeviantArt is being a bitch, so I'll tell you what's going on. Read the full story.

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Oops, Again
Posted on 21 Apr 2012 by Project Dark Fox

Forgot to update the front page. TSAT #204 was uploaded last Wednesday but I must've got sidetracked.

Anyway, slight problem. I have some peripheral hardware issues cropping up, as it seems every mouse I own (all three of them -- yes, three) are cropping up with issues. This will undoubtedly delay the comic unless my parts arrive on my doorstop on Tuesday or sooner.

Remember to Spay And Neuter Your Pets
Posted on 11 Apr 2012 by Project Dark Fox

TSAT #203 is up.
I bought Duke Nukem Forever: Balls of Steel Edition for $27 USD last week on Amazon. I didn't even buy it for the game and I still got my money's worth. Oh, and I liked the game. #paddingtheupdate

R.I.P. Lord Enki
Posted on 05 Apr 2012 by Project Dark Fox

A few days ago, the surrounding community around the MFZ learned that Lord Enki, a prominent member in the history of the MFZ Forums, had passed away in March 17th. I can't say I knew him the most, but damn if it wasn't entertaining to read his thoughts on any subject that came up. The feeling is really new to me, so I'm not really sure how to even react to the news...
And I'm not sure how many people knew him, but Ryan Boss Stevens had also passed away several weeks ago as well. I don't remember the exact date or why, but I knew there were a few people who knew him as well. I'm sorry that I had to bring up this kind of news on a comics website.

... Anyway, the real Page #202 is up.

Moar changes forward!
Posted on 31 Mar 2012 by Project Dark Fox

I felt another format change is needed as I'm no longer happy with the Doom backgrounds. So I present to you the new, new version of TSAT! In addition, I will now be able to update daily.
Issue #202 is up.


On a Bender
Posted on 28 Mar 2012 by Project Dark Fox

TSAT #201 is up.

Want to find me elsewhere on the web, besides Treadhead? I'm on DeviantArt, FurAffinity, and Twitter.

This Is Going To Hurt
Posted on 20 Mar 2012 by Project Dark Fox

No otherworld news from me today, but I am posting my comic update very early in the day thanks to a weird week schedule so that's about it.

TSAT Page #200 is up.

Posted on 14 Mar 2012 by Project Dark Fox

MechWarrior Online has released an official gameplay trailer!

In the meantime, TSAT #199 is up.

EDIT: The Embed was too large. Had to shrink it to avoid breaking the site layout.

What a Pushover...
Posted on 07 Mar 2012 by Project Dark Fox

I'm running a poll on the Treadhead Forums regarding possibly drawing the archive between 1 and 187. Please pitch in your opinion if you care, as I have a little extra time to play with at the moment. :)
TSAT #198 is up.

Pissed Off
Posted on 29 Feb 2012 by Project Dark Fox

TSAT #197 is up.
A trailer to MechWarrior Online has been released HERE. I fangasmed all over that all night last night, and I still am today.

This News Post Is Silly
Posted on 22 Feb 2012 by Project Dark Fox

TSAT #196 up.

MechWarrior Tactics announced.
Reign Of Thunder announced.
2012 shall be known as the Year Of The Mech.
And I'm going back to bed.

I'm still on Twitter if you want to listen to me ramble on rare occasions.

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